How To Turn Your Little Lemonade Stand Into a Goldmine

First, find a kid that is half your size who is in the First or second grade because they are the most gullible kids.

Once you found your gullible kid who’s brain is as small as a pea. Tell him you’ll give half of your dough but in the end don’t.

Second, you could squeeze the ice cold sour lemons that are as big as a nice warm roll. Or if your fingers are cramped up from all of the brainwashing eye blurring video games you played tell your slave to, I mean nice kid to squeeze the sour face cringing lemons. Note if the nice boy does not squeeze the lemons give him some extremely salty chips. Then when he asks for water tell him to work for a bottle of water and say ‘’should of thought about that before.’’ Then sit back and take a nice nap.

Next, make the dusty chocolate stand that has a ton of dirt stains. Or, if you had a hard time playing in the soft grass tell your nice friend that by now has a sweat drenched shirt to make it.

Finally, once you finished selling the luscious lemonade. Run! From the gullible boy!
If you read this and did it. I congratulate you for being the biggest low lying cheapo!