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We meet daily from 9:55-11:00. During this time, you will be working in cooperative groups using a workshop model to integrate -exploration, conversation, written expression, practice and game play.
Each class is graded on a weighted grading scale. A set portion of the grade is practice and the rest is based on assessment. The categories are graded from two different standpoints. All practice work leading up to an assessment is seen as just that... practice. It is similar to a soccer team practicing. We utilize drills and warm up activities to develop a base. There is also the opportunity for the student to make/correct errors in their technique. This portion focuses on working toward a desired level of skill. The second category is assessment. This is our "game day" grade. The student is assessed on the right/wrong aspect of the skill set. They are given feedback on where they need to continue to focus in class during the practice sessions in order to improve their "game".

To assist my "players" in improving their technique, we will begin at the start with basic facts practice. Below are some fun but also helpful drill and practice websites to get them started:
Think About It

Timez Attack
Divisibility Rules
Everyday Math Games

division help

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