• Title of the Book: Diary of a wimpy kid dog days
  • Author: Jeff Kinney
  • Date: 9-21-11
  • Page number: 142
  • Entry Focus and question number: who is the best chariter?

  • I think the best chariter is Greg. First he is the main chariter and he is funny and brave because he dosen't care what other people think about him.

  • Title of book:Diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth
  • Author:Jeff Kinney
  • Date:10-3-11
  • Page number:done with the book
  • Entry focus and question number:Thinking about characters number 12

  • I am comparing and contrasting Rolley and Greg. First Rolley is Gregs best friend they are alike because the are both weird and emmbarrassing to each other. They are different because Rolley is more of a mom and dad boy what I mean is there mom and dad gets them every thing they want. Then Greg he has to do every thing by himself like do chores and do what ever his mom or dad say to do.

  • Title of book:Dragonbreath curse of the were-wiener
  • Author:Ursula Vernon
  • Date:10-6-11
  • Page number:100
  • Entry focus and question number:Theme and mood number 5
  • I think it is a good book because it uses animals that can breath fire. It is a good book because it uses settings and plot. It takes place in the school and there house so its about a guy name Wendell and Danny. Wendell got bit by a were- hot dog so they have to kill the hot dogs.

  • Title of book:Fly boy of underwhere
  • Author:Bruce Hale
  • Date:10-17-11
  • Page number or chapter number:77
  • Entry focus and question number:4 How would you solve the problem in the book
  • I would solve it by telling a teacher about the bully who gives people wegies and talk to him about bulling and give him a wegie

  • Title of book:The Jacket
  • Author:Andrew Clements
  • Date:10-24-11
  • page number or chapter:page 18
  • Entry focus and question number:Setting number 1. How might the story be different if it happened at another place?

  • I think it would be different at another place because if they were not at school the teacher wouldn't have stop him. From hurting that kid from steeling his jacket.

  • Title of book:Kentucky komodo dragons
  • Author: Johnathan Rand
  • Date:10-31-11
  • Page number or chapter:chapter 6
  • Entry focus and question number: making connection number 1

  • If I where friends with Jason I would have ran away because the komodo dragon is poisones and I knew that so I would have said, "Run thoose are poisones!" If it attackted I would have saved them.

  • Title of book:The Kite Fighters
  • Author:Linda Sue Park
  • Date:11-7-11
  • Page number of chapter: chapter 10
  • Entry focus and question number:Plot number 3

  • I would change the book by telling every body how to fly a kite so then every body would like me and make kites for other people too.

  • Title of book:The kite fighters
  • Author:Linda Sue Park
  • Date:11-15-11
  • Page number or chapter:11
  • Entry focus and question number:Perdiction

  • I think that young sup is going to win, because he has a better tecneek and he made razors on his string so he could cut kee sup's kite and young sup will win, and go on and vs another person, and the other person will have a better tecneek and razors too.

  • Title of book:Stumptown Kid
  • Author:Carol Gorman and Ron J. Findley
  • Date: 11-21-11
  • Page number or chapter:54
  • Entry focus and question number:Making connection

  • I want to make a connection on page 10. On page 10 I got caght up in the same way because, I tried out for a pitcher and I didn't get picked, so after the practice my dad toght me a better way how to pitch and same thing what happened with Stumptown. When Luther toght him how to pitch.

  • Title:Where The Mountain Meets The Moon
  • Author:Grace Lin
  • Date:12-5-11
  • page number: finished
  • Entry focus and question number:Telling about the story
  • So there was a girl named Milla and her family and her lived in a poor city/town, in the shadows of fruitless mountain.
    • Milla's dad told a lot of storys and after every stroy Milla asked a question and the dad said, "Ask the man of the moon."
    • So milla went to the man of the moon but on the way she met a dragon. the dragon wanted to ask the man of the moon a question to his was why can't I fly. They got to this village and the green tiger poisoned dragon and they village people made this healing medisin and heald dragon.
    • They went to the mountain where the man is and Milla flew a kite and it tured into a brige. But dragon could not fit so only Milla could get up. she asked one question only because she was only allowed one question. She asked him how can dragon fly. The man of the moon said, "Take the ball off of dragons head" it was a dragons pearl. so they flew home and dragon made fruitless mountain fruited mountain, Milla and dragon live happily ever after.

  • Title:when you reach me
  • Author:Rebecca Stead
  • date: 12-5-11
  • page number:done
  • Entry focus number and question: making connection number 4

  • On page number 160 when Sal went out in the streets I would have reacted the same way as Miranda because if that was my best friend I would be yelling for help and I would have been relived that he was saved, but sad because the man died.

  • Title: Cosmic
  • Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Date:1-17-12
  • page number:110
  • Entry focus number and question: telling about the part I am at

      • on page 107-110 well first the get in China and then dr drax takes the to the thrill ride and its a rocket a real rocket!
      • They go back to there apartment and mess up the whole place and in the morning Liam has to drive to there and the cop show up and he's scaryed. But they lead him to the place and there about to ride it i think. :)

    • Title cosmic
    • telling about page the book
    • date 1-18-12

    • There was a kid name liam and he was tall for his age and he stated school that day he grew a little breard and so all the teachers and every body thought he was a adult so then they found out he was a kid and he got in troble. When he got home he got a measegae saying come to our thrill ride with your kid. (because they thought he was a adult.) So he went with This girl named Florid (as the kid) and the got to go in space but before they had to do training. one of the lessons another adult said vote for me and I will give you all icecream and so that guy got to go in space but then they said he cheated so Liam got to go when they got up there the space rock said on them HI DAD.

Title: the mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg
page 31

Making connections number: 4

I would have acted the same way at frist when his brother had to go to war but I would have not gone after him and fined him. I think Homer is also brave beacuse he is going by himself I would be scared

Title: Stumptown Kid
Aurthor: Carol Gorman and Ron J. Finley
Page number:20
Entry focus number and question :Making conections 11 Which character are you most like?

I think I am most like Will because he is brave (steping up for Charlie from Lobo), and he is good at base ball and so a I.
But the best thing is Will has self-controll and I do to, because when somebody calls me name I have self-controll by not calling them names back. In the book Will has self-controll by when Lobo calls him names too.

Title: Stumptown Kid
Aurthor: Carol Gorman and Ron J. Finley
Date: 2-15-12
page number: 134-135
Entry focus number and question: Setting number 3.. If this story happened in a different time period Would the actions of the characters be different. how?

If it was in the dinosaur time they would be cave men and when Charlie told Will the secret about Luther. They wouldn't understand each other they would be like this, "ooooogggggggggoooooooooooggggggggg" so the story would be different. Because Will wouldn't have told anybody and baseball wasn't even invented. So luther wouldn't have killed a man.

Title: The Hunger Games
Aurthor: Suzanne Collis
Page number: 18
Entry focus number and Question number:Reaction number 1

I wonder If I where Prim I would be realy scraed to go in the hunger games. Why would she take a other persons place risking her life? If that where me I would sit back and be happy I didn't get picked.

Title:The Hunger Games
Aurthor: Suzanne Collins
Page number and Chapter:86 pg. and Chapter 10
Entry focus number and question number: Making conections 3

I wold trade places with Cinna because he gets all the fame and he doesn't have to fight in the Hunger Games

Title:The Hunger Games
Aurthor:Suzanne Collins
Page number and Chapter: Pg. 177 Chapter 13
Entry focus number and question:Setting number 1: How might the story be different if it happened somewhere else?

I think it would be way different because, If it wasn't in a arena They could go get food from the groshery Store.
The world is way bigger then that arena, They could have hide in the house forever.

Title: The Hunger Games
Aurthor: Suzanne Collins
Date: 3-23-12
Page number and chapter: done with book
Entry focus number and Question number:Why would you recomened this book to anyone?

I would recomed this book to every one who didn't read it yet, Because The storys realy intresting about all the things going on because something could be going on at another time without Katniss.

People could be dying at any time and its just a great, great book.

Aurthor:Matthew Cody
Page number and chapter: pg. 50 and chapter 5 1/2
Entry focus number and question: Setting, How might the story be different if it happened in another place.

I think It might be different because if they wern't on a mountain he wouldn't have fell off. But it would chage the story because then Eric wouldn't have saved him.

Title: Powerless
Aurthor: Matthew Cody
Page number and Chapter: pg. 216 Chapter 20
Entry focus number and question: Reaction 3

I think if Mollie would have stayed to save Eric and he would be okay right now, and they wouldn't have any problem.

Title: Diary of a wimpy kid
Aurthor: Jeff Kinney
Date: 4-30-12
Page number and chapter: Done with book
Entry focus number and question: talking about book

I think if that flood didn't happen there stuff and food would be fine, and they would be able to eat and not starve to death.

Title: Middle School the worst years of my life
Aurthor: James Patterson
Date: 5-7-12
Page number:90
Entry focus number and question: connection number 3

I wouldn't want to be Rafe because he doesn't like his life and all he does is gets in troble

Title: The Last Dragon
Aurthor:Silvana De Mari
Pg number and chapter: page 3 Chapter 1
Entry focus number and question: I am going to make a perdiction Because I didn't start it yet

I think It is going to be about a dragon and all of the other dragons died and he is going to be the last one.

Title: How to be a pirate
Aurthor: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock Ill
Pg number and Chapter:24 and chapter 2
Entry focus number and question number:Theme and mood number 5 If you wanted to suggest this book to a friend what would you say?

I would say its about pirates and it and very intresting book to read and I am only on page 24
And it has a bunch of other books by him and so you could read those too.

Title: How to be a pirate
Aurthor: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Date: 5-29-12
pg number and chapter: pg 27 chapter 4
Entry focus number and question: making connection number 3 If you could be one of the people in the story witch would it be?

I would be the little dragon because he can breath fire and fly. He also has super sharp razor teeth to bite.