Title of the book-dork dairies
  • Author-Rachel Renee Russell
  • Date-9/19/2011
  • Chapters read-pg. 1-197
  • #7 plot- Witch was the most important part? why?
  • The most important part was that Brandon liked Nikki then Mackenzie. Because if Brandon didn't like Niki, Niki would win the contest without Brandon's help. And then Mackenzie would win.
  • Date-10/4/2011
  • chapters read-1/13
#3 plot- if you could change something that has happened in this chapter or in the story this far, what would it be, and how this change the rest of the story?
  • I think that the author should change that Meggie go's with her father that's been kidnapped so Meggie can help him in the journey so Capricorn won't get the book and evil won't take over.
  • Date-10/9/2011
  • #2 plot- Do you agree with the ending of the book if so, why? If not how would you change it? And why?
  • I don't agree with the ending of the book. I think they should say that Nikki was best friends with Brandon.
  • Chapters read-1/17
  • Date-10/13/2011
  • #4 plot-How would you solve the problem in the book?
  • I would solve the problem in the book by Meggie,Dustfinger,And Elinor escaped from Capricorn's prison and grab the book and Meggie's father,Mo and go back home and live the way it should be.
  • #6 plot-Can you make a prediction on what mat happened next?Why do you think these things will happen? What details in the selection support your prediction?
  • I think that Meggie,Elinor, Dustfinger,Mo and the new boy, Farid will find a way out,they will find a way that Capricorn's men won't catch them and this would happen because they had planed it.Mo knew a secret path into the woods and out.
  • 3/11/2011-chapter read-1/10(edited) Title:Chocolate Fever
  • #2 setting- In what other place or time could this story have happened, or could the story have happened in this setting? Tell me why you feel this way.
  • I think this could happened in Texas,but the weather would change.Zit would change like in stead of cold chilly and heavy wind,it would be hot,dry,and barely any wind. And the story would change because of those conditions.

  • #1 plot, 20/10/2011 chapters read- 1-30-What do you think is the largest problem,or conflict, that the main character faces? Explain why you think this is the largest problem. What type of conflict is this: character vs. character, character vs. self, character vs. nature, or character vs. society?
  • I think that the largest problem is that Henry faces chocolate fever. I think that this is the largest problem because people think that it’s a miracle but it’s just a fever, and everybody it gossiping about it. Like it’s the worst thing ever in history. I think that it is character vs. nature, sickness is something nature created.
  • #3 thinking about characters-(edited)-12/2/11chapters read-all-Title: the mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg - Is your main character believable? Why or why not?
  • I think he is believable because the Civil War did start at that century.And there is nothing in this book that is fantasy. i agree that this story is believable.
  • #2 thinking about characters, 11/18/2011 chapters read-1-27-Give one thing you would change about the character and explain why would you change it.
  • I think that the character should be a girl because usually a boy go's the the army because women were a sign of respect and beauty and a women wouldn't go the the army. And if it where a girl it would be more realistic.
  • Title:The mostly true adventures of Homer P. Figg
  • 1# Author's craft,12/6/2011 chapters read-1-29-Why did the author chose this topic to write about?
  • I think the author chose this topic because he wanted to make people realized you can always be a good person.Like caring so much for others you risk your life,just like Homer did.He loved his bother so much that he started to go searching for him in the army.And to bring the true past back to us and how the lived back in the olden days.

  • Title: Dimond Willow-date- 12/11/11-thinking about characters-#4-write a descriptive poem about the one of the characters in the book from that characters point of view . Begin each line with " I am..." and talk about the characters actions, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and character traits.
  • Willow
  • I am Willow
  • I am a dog owner
  • I am desparate for Roxy
  • I am not at school
  • I am in my bed
  • I am thinking about Roxy
  • I am sure my father loves her runing
  • I am sad for my Dad
  • I am lucky I had her in my life
  • I am sorry.

  • Title:Where The Mountian Meets The Moon-Chapters-1/18-Date-1/4/2012-Thinking about characters-#1-Pretend you're the main characters mother/ father. write them a letter commenting on what is happening at the present time.
  • Dear Minli,
  • We are desprate for you to come home. If you are sad because of us,
  • I am sorry, I didn't mean it to hurt you. And even though I don't believe in the Never Ending Mountain,
  • We might let you go there, but were not sure yet.
  • Love,
  • Ba and Ma

  • Title:Where The Mountain Meets The Moon-Chapters-1/47-Date-1/11/2012-Setting-#3-If this story happened in a different time period, either much earlier or later that when it is, how would the story line change? Would the actions of the characters be different? How? Why do you think this?
  • If this happened later in history I think they would have more than rice to eat, and not have a wooden house but a concrete house. and Minli would have took a helicopter to the mountain and would have ride a bike to the city. and Ma and Ba would not work in mud, but they would work in a poor place. And when Minli packed her stuff to leave she would have a navigator instead a bamboo piece,a needle, and and bunny rice bowl with water in it. This would happen because we built stuff to do easier things with life over the passed hundred years. I think this because back in those days it was different, but now we have changed and made new thing for the world.

  • Title: The puzzling world of Winston Breen-Chapters read- 1/5-Date-1/20/2012- Making Connections-#1- If the main
character was a friend of yours,what would you advise them to do? How could you help them?
  • I would help Winston Breen by telling him to steal Mr.Glowacka and Mr.North's wooden pieces so he could figure out the puzzle.I think this would help because he could find the ring and sell it back to the owner and he would be million dollars richer, which is his dream.

  • Title: The Puzzling World of Winston Breen-Chatpers read-1/10-Date-2/1/012- Authors Craft-#3- Do you think the title of the book is appropriate? Does it "grab" you? Why? How do you think the author chose this title?

  • I think the title of "The puzzling World of Winston Breen" is appropriate. But it does not grab me. but i didn't judge the book by its cover.It did not grab me because I do not like puzzles. But after the first chapter was fascinated about the book. I think Eric Berlin (the author) chose this title because this is about a boy named Winston Breen and his sister find out the puzzle and then go's on a journey to find were the ring is. I think this is a very good book.

  • Title:The Puzzling World of Winston Breen- Author:Eric Berlin Chapters read-ALL- Date-2/9/2012-Thinking About Characters #6- Tell me about a character you really dislke in this book. What kind of person is this character, and why is he/she is your least favorite? Give specific examples from the book to help me understand your choice.

  • I disliked Brenda. Because I always thought Brenda was bad In the first place. and then she robbes Wintson's house.(on pg. 167, and the last sentence) I think Brenda is evil. I think this because she set up Winston so she could get the ring for money. And Brenda's boyfriend,Dilmer helps her set him up.And I think she is smart.I think this because she changed her identy and she said she worked for the news. This is why I dislike Brenda.

  • Title:The sisters Grimm-Author:Michael Buckley-Chapters read-1/7-Date-2/29/2012-Theme and Mood #5-If you wanted to suggest this story to a friend,what would you say it was mostgly about? Why?

  • If I suggest this to a friend I would say it was mostly about magic.I would say this because the book is about these two girls(named Sabrina and Dafinie ) going on a trip to save there grandma that got taken by a giant.(on pg. 743 (on kindle fire)) I would think this because this is all about fairy tales, and fairy tales have magic.

Title:Stumptown Kid-Author-Carol Gorman & Ron J. Findley-Chapters read-1/3-Date-3/1/2012-Theme and Mood #6-Did something in this Chapter make you sad, mad, happy, surpised, etc? What was it? Why do you think it caused a reaction?
  • This chapter made me feel surprised.I felt like this because Charlie's Mom didnt want to bring the spaghetti to Luther.I think this is surprising because just because were different doesn't mean we have to treat us different,and even when you don't like a person, you should still help them. And always treat people the way you want to be treated.Its never nice to judge people on the outside,Its was is in them inside

  • Title: Stumptown Kid -Author - Carol Gorman & Ron J. Findley- Chapters- 1/7- Date- 3/7/2012- Theme and Mood #3- What is the theme of the story? How does the theme of the story apply to your own life?
  • I think the theme in this story is baseball.
    I think this becuase on the cover there is a pichter throwing a ball,and in the book Charlie tries to get on the Wildcats and Lobo makes him nervous and he doesn't throw good balls and he doesn't get in. Then his best friend, Will got in the Wildcats. Then he meets Luther Peale. He teaches Charlie how to throw a good ball. Then when Charlie goes to play catch with his friends in the park, he finds Will with Lobo and his buddies, and when Charlie goes to play again, Lobo makes Charlie mad and makes him trample Lobo. This is why I think the theme is baseball.

  • Title:Blood on the River- Author-Elisa Carbone-Chatpers-1/5-Date-3/16/2012-Authors Craft #1- Why do you think the author chose this topic to write about?

  • I think Elisa chose this topic becuase she wanted us to know about the past. She wanted us to step into the Indains shoes and the pilgrims shoes, and how they survived. I think this is good topic becuase we can learn some history in a more better way. I think the author had done a good topic.

  • Title:Blood on the River- Author- Elisa Carbone- Chapters- 1/15- Date- 3/16/2012-Authors Craft #2- Finish this sentence: "I love the way thye author..." Be specific and give examples from the text.

  • I love the way the author gives examples from the real thing that happened in Jamestown. I like in the 15th chapter they did the starving time, and it did really happen in real life. I really liked how descriptive the author was, and I also liked when she also put a little of Imagination in it.
  • Have a great day Mrs. Peters!
  • Love,
  • Ana

  • Title:Blood on the River-Author- Elisa Carbone- Chapters- ALL- Date- 3/27/2012- Reactions-#2- Who would you recommend this book to? why would you choose that person and why do you think they would like this book?

  • I would recommend this book to Mrs.Delgado. I wolud recommend this book to Mrs.Delgado because she is a social studies teacher. She learns about the past and she teaches us about James Town and how the pilgrims lived there and the Indians( the native americans) Lived there too. I think she would like it beacause this story is based on James town and how we got there, how we made peace with the natives, and how they felt there. I think this is a great book for Mrs. Delgado.
  • Have a good day Mrs.Peters!
  • Love,
  • Ana

  • Title:The Silent Stranger-Author-American Girl- Chapters-1/8-Date-4/9/2012-Reactions#1-Finish these three sentences:* I learned... * I cannot agree with... *I wonder....

  • I learned that every winter Kaya and the Native Americans would have all their relatives come and celebrate the spirits that died for them. I cannot agree with the hawk women (the silent stranger) for talking to her doll and stealing Kaya’s dog tatlo and taking him on hikes. I wonder why hawk woman’s (the silent stranger’s) hands were burned went they found her.

    Have a great day Mrs. Peters!


    Ana Bayma Meyer

  • Title: Warriors into The Wild-Author- Erin Hunter-Chapters-ALL (24/24)-Date- 4/24/2012- Theme and Mood #7- Does this chapter or story covey a mood? How does the author get the reader to feel this mood?

  • I think the author gets me to feel sad, mad, and surprised because like on page 255, Spottedleaf dies from the ShadowClan. (P.S. that’s how it is capitalized) that make me feel sad, and when the ThunderClan (P.S. that’s how it is capitalized) blamed Yellowfang for taking the kittens (on pg. 257), that made me feel mad. Last but not least When ThunderClan won the battle against ShadowClan and got rid of their leader that made me surprised.(on pg. 262) I did think that the author got me in this mood because he was very descriptive and he put his thought into it.

  • Have a great week Mrs. Peters! J

  • Love,
  • Ana Bayma Meyer

  • Title: Warriors Fire and Ice-Author- Erin Hunter-Chapters-1/2- Date-4/30/2012- Thinking about Characters #11- Did the character show responsibility when they acted the way they did in the selection?

  • I think the main character, Fireheart, did a great portion in his roll because he told Bluestar, his leader that Tigerclaw would try to scare Ravenpaw out of ThunderClan.(on pg.20) (P.S. that’s how you spell ThunderClan) And that Tigerclaw killed Redtail in the battle. I think this is a lot of responsibility because it was the right thing to do; it took lots of courage too.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
(P.S. that’s how

you spell Fire-

heart, Bluestar,

Ravenpaw, and Tigerclaw.)

Ana Bayma-Meyer J

  • Title: Warriors Fire and Ice-Author- Erin Hunter-Chapters-1/2- Date-5/6/2012- Thinking about characters #10- If there is a Hero in this book, tell me about one of his mistakes.

    One of Fireheart’s mistakes is when he when he brought a kit to the ThunderClan. ( P.S. that’s how you spell it) This is a mistake because Bluestar his leader said it is more mouths to feed.( on p.g. 227) But soon after, Bluestar Let the kit stay.

    Have a great week Mrs. Peters!!! A
  • Love,
    Ana Bayma Meyer

  • Title: Warriors -Author- Erin Hunter-Chapters-1/2- Date-5/14/2012- Making Connections #3- If you could trade characters with one of the characters in the book, whitch one would would it be? why would you chose the charater?
  • I would trade with Spottedleaf.( that’s how you spell it.) I would do this because she was the ThunderClan’s medicine cat. That means she has powers to tell Fireheart things to watch out for in his dreams. That is why I would like to trade places with Spottedleaf.

  • Have a mystifying day!! IBye!
    Ana Bayma Meyer

    • Title: Warriors Rising Storm -Author- Erin Hunter-Chapters-1/2- Date-5/21/2012- Theme and Mood- #7- Would you like to read something else by this author? Why?

    • I would like to read another book by this author. I would do this because the author, Erin Hunter is very descriptive and gives lots of his thoughts into the books. Another reason why is I love cats, especially wild cats, also that the book is a series book. This is why I would like to read another book by him.

  • Have a great memorial week!! R

    Ana Bayma Meyer

Title: Warriors Rising Storm -Author- Erin Hunter-Chapters-21/26- Date-5/29/2012-
Finish these three sentences: * I wonder....... * I would like to find out more about....... * I was surprised..........

I wonder why Cloudpaw wanted to break the warrior code, (P.S.thats how you spell Cloudpaw)
I would like to find out more about wild cats and how they live,
I was surprised Cloudpaw wanted to stay with the Clan.

Have a great day Mrs. Peters!!

Ana Bayma Meyer