First, a caterpillar goes onto a big and leafy oak tree and climbs to the nearest branch. When it eats all the leaves on the first branch, it goes to the next branch. It continues the process until its fat.

When it can’t eat one more bite, it goes to the bottom of the branch and lets its body drop with only 6-4 legs holding its self up.

Next, it acts like a spider and makes a silky, white string into a web like thing (called a cocoon) all around its body and attaches it to the branch also so it won’t fall.

Third, in the cocoon, the caterpillar grows beautiful and colorful wings, a proboscis, and two long and curly antennas, and all the body segments merge into one.

Finally, after a week or so, the cocoon hatches like an egg and a beautiful butterfly comes out! And that is how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.DSCF0083.jpg